About Us

BeeFlex Consultancy Ltd (BCL) is a consulting firm focused on serving individuals, schools and businesses in the full range of the commercial cycle. With a core staff of experienced professionals and a team approach to consulting projects, BCL offers a more balanced and quality service.

Our Mission

Equipping individual clients, schools and businesses with coaching, research, educational tools and skills for ultimate success.

Our Plan

To continually innovate what we do and how we do it while staying passionate about helping people achieve their dreams and goals.

Our Vision

Partnering with Individuals and Organizations to Actualize their Dreams.


BCL provides services to individual clients, businesses and corporate organizations:

Leadership Development

Our leadership development ignites transformational change in individuals, teams, organizations, and communities.

Executive coaching on Goal Mapping

Our executive coaching provides customized goal mapping training for students, senior managers and executives.

Educational and Career Development Consulting

We are professionals who assist people in making career and employment choices.

Research and Development

We offer mainstream analytics such as: market research, quantitative research and qualitative research (e.g. interviews / focus groups)

Event Production, Seminar Design, Conference Management and Speaking Engagement

Our conference and event management services span on a national and international level which include printing and designs, travel management, conference and seminar organizing.

Project Management Services

Our Project Management Consultants bring specialised skills, expertise and knowledge to assist organizations and companies in making the best possible decisions.

Building a solid road map for your future doesn't happen by accident. Rather than just give you advice and send you on your way, we help design your goals.

Our Events

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  • Goal Mapping
  • Speaking Engagement
  • Research and Development

Goal Mapping

Goal Mapping for individual clients and corporate organisations

Research and Development

Research and Development



Speaking Engagement

Speaking Engagement

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Goal Mapping for Schools

Goal Mapping Training: The Seven Keys to Success.

Our Clients



Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Together, we can make the world a better place

Felix Bidemi Iziomoh

Lead Consultant

Ibe Nkechika Perpetua

Head of Research

Afeso Jude Otagbo

Human Resource Consultant

Dennis Akagha

Head, Communication

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41 James Robertson Street, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria